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Binary Option Types

Binary options trading features types 

The Binary option trading platforms offer 2 choices: Call/Put (standard “Binary” alternatives), long term, short-term (60-second), pairs, 1-touch, ladder and forex options. You may choose an advantage from either the Hot Assets tab or based on the asset class (currencies, shares, commodities or indexes). (Monetary standards, shares, products or records). Additionally, consider that some brokers have diverse names for their option types, and some enable you to change the layout of the trading platform.


This most straightforward kind of options is available for all assets currently being traded. Expiry times are accessible until the end of the trading day, as determined by the district of the traded asset.

Long Term:

Options are comparable in structure to Call/Put options, yet offer expiry times that are measured in days and can run up to one year. They are particularly suitable for non-volatile assets, such as shares, whose value changes generally as a result of fundamental data published by the issuing organization.

Short Term:

Are like the initial two, however with expiry times that can be as short as 30 seconds and for the most part no more than 5 minutes. They are best for more dynamic and high liquidity resources, for example, currencies, which change at the merest news-based impulse or public policy announcement, wares that are ruled by geo-political concerns, and indexes, when markets are unstable.

Pair Options:

Empower financial specialists to put assets into the relative performance of two assets. Rather than giving CALL and PUT buttons, the trader must choose which of the two choices will perform superior to the next.

In a One-Touch option:

The platform gives a solitary choice of asset and goal price. You invest in the option, which will be resave the color red for a PUT and green for CALL, by clicking “APPLY”.

In a Ladder option:

The trader is given a few sets of barriers above and underneath the line of which the price must climb or fall, respectively. The further the barrier from the strike price (the opening price of the option), the higher the payout. Ladder options can pay as much as 800%, in extreme cases.

The Forex-style option:

Is undoubtedly, reminiscent of forex exchanging trading platforms, in that the trader can submit a particular take-profit order and decide on the pips value by increasing or decreasing the initial investment. However, you can also invest in other assets, not only in currency pairs, but also in other asset classes that are available in the platform at the time. The advantage here is that there is no margin call and you may change the leverage amount in every single trade. Since there is no margin level, you cannot place a stop-loss order; rather, the stop-loss is determined as the level at which your initial investment will be lost. The Forex option is an excellent choice for experienced traders who are adept at applying sophisticated technical indicators.