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What are the short Term Product?

binary option 60 second trading 

The Short Term product, or 60-second product enable traders to forecast if a selected asset price will go up or down, over a shorter period than the current trading day. The expiry time can even be as short as 30 seconds.
However, as much fun as this product is, it can also be a sweet trap that captures many traders. You should choose to trade with this product when important economic events have a strong impact on the market. Pay close attention for sharp movements by one of the assets to the downside or to the upside.

Here’s how to use the short term product. First pay attention to the next important economic event that will take place. Determine whether the news is positive or negative. In the platform choose the 60-second product, then choose the asset you would like to trade with. You can make this process even faster by typing the asset’s name in the search window.
Then, Go over to the Expiry window and choose the expiry time that serves best your trading opportunity.
Upload the Money Management Panel and decide how much is the right amount to invest in the trade, based on its probability of success.

Now simply click on the call or the put button.
After taking the trade, a pop up window will open. If the information in the window is correct, click Apply and the position will be approved.

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